Connolly’s RED MILLS and Irish Horse Board Join Forces to Launch Nutrition for Breeding Success Webinar Series

The Irish Horse Board and Connolly’s RED MILLS, as the Official Feed Partner to the Irish Horse Board, are proud to introduce the ‘Nutrition for Breeding Success’ webinar series. Connolly’s RED MILLS is a leading feed manufacturer, having supported Irish breeders through the provision of quality horse feeds for over 110 years. Together, we are committed to providing invaluable nutritional insights to support breeders in nurturing the next generation of equine superstars to compete across all markets.

The first webinar will take place on Wednesday 13th March at 7.30pm. The Webinar series will be free to access for all Irish Horse Board Members.

The Nutrition for Breeding Success webinar series aims to empower breeders with the knowledge and tools necessary to optimize the health and performance of their mares and young stock through simple and effective nutritional support. The series will be hosted by members of the Connolly’s RED MILLS’ Expert Nutrition Team and will cover key stages and requirements for the breeding season.

Tiernan Gill, Chairman of the Irish Horse Board, said:

“This is a hugely beneficial series of webinars which will really educate breeders and producers, old and young, nationally and internationally for what exactly is needed to meet nutritional requirements to breed and produce the next top Irish horses. These webinars are being delivered by the best industry experts from Connolly Red MILLS and we at the Irish Horse Board are thrilled to be in a position to work with them, and in turn offer this opportunity back to our members.”  

Jane Davis, Head of Marketing at Connolly’s RED MILLS added:

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the Irish Horse Board to launch the Nutrition for Breeding Success webinar series. Our partnership underscores our shared commitment to equine wellbeing, performance and excellence in breeding practices. Through these webinars, breeders will obtain access to essential nutritional guidance that will help them achieve their breeding goals.”

The webinars will be free to join for all Irish Horse Board members, providing them with exclusive access to expert advice and industry insights. Non-members are also welcome to join the Irish Horse Board for €10 or renew their membership to participate in the webinars for just €25 on the IHB website. IHB Membership – Irish Horse Board Co-Operative Society

“We are delighted to offer our members the opportunity to participate in the Nutrition for Breeding Success webinar series,” said Nadia Rea, Operations Manager at the Irish Horse Board. “These webinars will serve as a valuable resource for breeders, empowering them with the knowledge needed to optimize the health and performance of their horses during the breeding season. These webinars are designed to specifically tailor for mare, foal and performance stages of these horses. In gaining this vital knowledge through these webinars, breeders will have confidence when the time comes for making these important nutritional decisions for their stock.”

The Nutrition for Breeding Success webinar series represents a significant step forward in supporting the Irish breeding community and promoting excellence in equine nutrition and management.

For more information and to register for the Nutrition for Breeding Success webinar series, please click HERE

Members who register for the webinar will receive a link to watch the webinar live, alongside a recording of the webinar and a downloadable document outlining the key content and takeaways from the website.

About Connolly’s RED MILLS: Connolly’s RED MILLS is a leading global manufacturer of animal feed, with a heritage of excellence spanning over a century. Committed to innovation and quality, Connolly’s RED MILLS provides premium nutritional solutions for horses, pets, and livestock worldwide.

About the Irish Horse Board: The Irish Horse Board is dedicated to promoting and supporting the Irish equine industry through education, advocacy, and innovation. As a trusted authority in equine welfare and development, the Irish Horse Board plays a vital role in advancing the interests of breeders, owners, and enthusiasts across Ireland.

The Irish Horse Board is a Co-operative society with over 30,000 shareholders. The Irish Horse Board is the representative Co-operative Society for breeders in Ireland. In 2022 The Irish Horse Board won the tender to deliver Sport Horse Marketing services to the industry from the Department of Agriculture and the Marine. This enables the Irish Horse Board to re-establish its former role in Marketing the Irish Horse for the breeders in Ireland.