Irish Horse Board Co-Operative Society

The Irish Horse Board is a co-operative society with over 30,000 shareholders. The Irish Horse Board is the representative Co-operative Society for breeders in Ireland and is a member of The Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1893-1978 (as amended) and is an affiliate of Horse Sport Ireland.

In 2022 The Irish Horse Board won the tender to deliver Sport Horse Marketing services to the industry from the Department of Agriculture and the Marine. This enables the Irish Horse Board to re-establish its former role in Marketing the Irish Horse for the breeders in Ireland.


The Board

The Board of the Irish Horse Board is elected by members of the five electoral regions.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Irish Horse Board Co-operative Society is Mr Tiernan Gill.

The current Board Members of the Irish Horse Board are:

  • Tiernan Gill (Chairman) [Region 4]
  • Comdt. Geoff Curran [Region 1]
  • Ms Helen Kelly [Region 1]
  • Ms Marguerite Ryan [Region 2]
  • Ms Marion Hughes (Vice Chairperson) [Region 2]
  • Mr Pat McCarthy [Region 3]
  • Mr Liam Lynskey [Region 4]
  • Dr Jack Murphy [Ministers nominee]
  • Mr Neil Henry [Region 5]
  • Mr Gerry Flynn [Region 5]

The Irish Horse Board Co-Operative Society maintained the Irish Horse Register, incorporating the Irish Sport Horse Studbook and the Irish Draught Horse Studbook, it also ran National Breeding and Marketing schemes since 1993. In late 2006, Horse Sport Ireland was established to bring the sport, breeding and leisure sides of the Sport Horse Sector together.

In 2008 a Special General Meeting of the Irish Horse Board Co-operative Society approved the Irish Horse Board’s integration with Horse Sport Ireland. In 2008 the maintenance of the Irish Horse Register became the legal responsibility of Horse Sport Ireland; this remains the situation to date.

IHB Registered Address

Irish Horse Board Co-operative Society Limited,
The Paddocks,
Co. Kildare,

Ireland – Land Of The Horse

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