Paul Beecher and Loughnatousa Buachail (ISH) take DAFM Studbook opening round victory in Tipperary

Paul Beecher and Loughnatousa Buachail (ISH)

The first round of the 2024 DAFM Studbook Show Jumping Series kicked off today (Saturday) at Tipperary Equestrian Centre, with a talented group of young horses competing across three competitions for 5, 6, and 7-year olds.

The 7-year-old competition was dominated by Waterford’s Paul Beecher, who filled first and third places following a 12-horse jump-off. The Tallow native raced to victory with Loughnatousa Buachail (ISH), bred by the late Dr Noel Cawley, after crossing the line clear in 24.78 seconds.

Paul Beecher and Loughnatousa Buachail (ISH)

Paul Beecher explained how it was a special to win with Loughnatousa Buachail (ISH)

“I am delighted to win on this horse today as brother my Tadhg produced him and he is owned by my father Tim. The horse I was third on today is very competitive so to win with Loughnatousa Buachail (ISH) is very special.”

Kilkenny’s Eddie Moloney finished as runner-up with Cornascriebe Emerald (ISH) with a clear in 25.03, while Paul Beecher also filled third spot with Brogagh Darcy (ISH) in 25.09. The very competitive 7-year-old class saw no less than 15 double clear rounds, including Kilkenny’s Molly Hughes Bravo who finished fourth with HHS Mercedes (ISH). Waterford’s Tony O’Donohue guided I Herbies Luidam (WSI) to a fifth place finish, just ahead of Robert Splaine in sixth aboard Coolcorron Lone Ranger (ISH).

The action at Tipperary Equestrian Centre got underway with the DAFM Studbook Series for 5-year-olds which saw the competition divided between 23 double clear rounds. The six-year-old DAFM Studbook Series was equally as competitive with 26 double clears sharing first place.

Tipperary Equestrian Centre is run by Thomas and Fiona Ryan and their family and speaking afterwards, Thomas was delighted with how the day ran overall.

“It was a great day, it ran-off very well with some great jumping for 5, 6 and 7-year-old horses. The riders all seemed happy and everything ran on time. We started jumping at 8.30am on the button, so I want to thank all of the riders for their cooperation with that. We were lucky with the weather thankfully just one shower and that was it. I also want to thank DAFM for their sponsorship of the competitions.”

The next round of the DAFM Studbook Show Jumping series will take place at The Meadows Equestrian Centre in Lurgan, Co Armagh on April 27th & 28th.

DAFM Studbook Studbook Showjumping Series – Tipperary Equestrian Centre 13/04/2024

Results and breeding


Fernhill Pilot (ISH) – 2019 gelding by O-Piloth out of Shes Diaz by Diamond Roller. Breeder: John Kearney. Owner: Carol Gee. Rider: Fraser Duffy

Talisman C (Equidenpass) – 2019 Stallion by Taloubet Z out of V-twist by Levisto Z. Owner: David Hedley. Rider: Jamie Landers.

Ballingowan Rosseva (ISH) – 2019 mare by Phil VD Wezelse Heihoeve out of Rossaguile Q by Castlecomer. Owner: Anne O’Grady. Rider: Carolin Huuva

SDF Five Star (ISH) – 2019 gelding by Bug star out of Lux San by Lux. Breeder: Samantha Heaney Fegan. Owner: Carol Gee. Rider: Ricardo Cunha

Grennanstown Silver Service (ISH) – 2019 Gelding by Vivant van de Heffenick out of Grennanstown Douglas Cruise by Iroko. Breeder: John Flynn. Owner: Niamh O’Connor Barry. Rider: Niamh O’Connor Barry.

Movie Star (Equidenpass) – 2019 mare by Colman out of True Star out of Calido. Breeder: Bouman Rolf. Owner: Vera Griffin. Rider: Robyn Moran.

Fortside Obsession (ISH) – 2019 Mare by Sligo Candy Boy out of Lux A Gonner by Lux Z. Breeder: Padraig Arthur. Owner: Fortside Farms. Rider Robyn Moran.

Olivia Garden TN (KWPN)– 2019 mare by Highway M TN out of Avalanche by Cavalier. Breeder: G Maaskant. Owner: Jessica Stallard. Rider: Jessica Stallard.

Boleybawn Blue (ISH) – 2019 mare by SHS Soco Blue out of Emma van de Wolfsgracht by Mermus R. Breeder Ronan Rothwell. Owner: Ciara Garvet. Rider: Sophie Richards.

Mollys Vivant (ISH) – 2019 mare by Vivant van de Heffink out of Fuieslier by Flagmount King. Breeder: Sean Barron. Rider: Paddy O’Donnell.

MHS Enable (ISH)- 2019 Mare by Emerald out of Mhs Baby Blue by Mr Blue. Breeder: Michael Brennan. Owner: Michael Brennan. Rider: Carolin Huuva.

Rosco Alienne 2 (ISH) – 2019 mare by Tyson out of S.I.E.C. Alienne by Alvarez 17. Breeder: Joe Connaughton. Owner: Gemma Phelan. Rider: Gemma Phelan.

Farrellys Contessa (ISH) – 2019 mare by Tyson out of Farrellys Vision by Classic Vision. Breeder: Cathal Farrelly. Owner: Derek McConnell. Rider: Derek McConnell.

Starcomer Nemesis (ISH) – 2019 mare by Royal Rose out of La Mona by Locarno. Breeder: Erin Fergus. Owner: Olive Clarke. Rider: Olive Clarke.

Ballinaguilkey Ruby (ISH) – 2019 mare by Dignified Van’t Zorgvliet out of Ballinaguilkey Heidi by OBOS Quality. Breeder: John and Barbara Walshe. Owner: John Walshe. Rider: Tracy Nolan.

Everdeen Waldstar Z (ZANG) – 2019 mare by El Barone 111 Z out of Diamondbridge by Vaillant. Owner: Kilian Browne. Rider: Kilian Browne.

Newmarket Victor (ISH) – 2019 gelding by Vivant Van de Heffink out of Newmarket Bouncer by Mermus R. Breeder: Billy Daly. Owner: Mark Cleary. Rider: Mark Cleary.

Tomgar Fusion (ISH) – 2019 gelding by Tullabeg Fusion out of Tomgar Foalie by Lucky Gift. Breeder: Suzanne Maguire. Owner: Derek McConnell. Rider: Derek McConnell.

Gurtera Venture MF (ISH) – 2019 gelding by Newmarket Vanture out of Gurtera Cara Donn by Elvis Ter Putte. Breeder: Jim and Anne Bradley. Owner: Thomas Ryan. Rider: Darragh Ryan.

Gailes Dream Girl (ISH) – 2019 mare by Keamore Diamond Clover out of Feemore Starlight by Yeats. Breeder: Robbie Burns. Owner: Gina M Pendergast. Rider: Conor Hayes.

Lance Corporal (ISH) – 2019 gelding by Corporal VDL out of LV-Firefly by Jai Ho. Breeder: Louise Thompson. Owner: Gemma Phelan. Rider: Gemma Phelan

HHS Texas (ISH) – 2019 gelding by Big Star out of HHS Fortuna by Heritage Fortunus. Breeder: Marion Huges. Owner: Marion Huges. Rider: Carl Webb.

HHS Verona (ISH) – 2019 mare by Winston out of HHS Fantasia by Heritage Fortunus. Breeder: Marion Hughes. Owner: Marion Hughes. Rider: Carl Webb


Maximum Numero Too HSH (ISH) – 2018 Gelding by Aganix Du Seigneur out of Couple of Diamonds by Numero Uno. Breeder: Eamon Mc Ardle. Owner Hadley Sporthorses. Rider: Sven Hadley.

Longfield Hazel (ISH) – 2018 Mare by Jaguar Mail out of Lisseyegan Bay Queen by Luidam. Breeder: Caroline & Padraig Mullins. Owner: Niall Walsh. Rider: Stephen Gibbons

Glidawn Gigi (ISH) – 2018 Mare by   I’m Special De Muze out of Drumin Kacqueline by Jack of Diamomds. Breeder: Gerard Burke. Owner: Gerard Burke Rider: Gemma Phelan

Kilnamac Cody (ISH) – 2018 Gelding by Diamant De Semilly out of Kilnamac Cruise by Cruising. Breeder: James Ryan. Owner: Marguerite Ryan. Rider: Eddie Moloney

Nairobi (KWPN) – 2018 Mare by Harley VDL out of Thirza by Burggraaf. Breeder: Andreas De Bont. Owner: Fairy Tale Farms. Rider: Tholm Keane

Ceide Candy Heart (ISH) – 2018 Gelding by Garryduff Jar of Hearts out of Ceide Heather Honey by Sligo Candy Boy. Breeder: Mary Walsh. Owner: Jane Gibbons. Rider: Stephen Gibbons

Knockahaw Chilli Sam (ISH) – 2018 Stallion by H&M Chilli Willi out of Ultiem V by Voltaire. Breeder: Robert J Shaw. Owner: Michael Shaw. Rider: Derek Shaw

KEC Klassique (ISH) – 2018 Mare by OBOS Quality 004 out of KEC Clarissa by Aldatus Z. Breeder: Anna Kennedy. Owner: William Kennedy. Rider: Darryl Walker

Lammy Casabella(ISH)  – 2018 Mare by Presidential Ball out of Charlies Midnight Mist by HHS Br Charlton. Breeder: Norman E Watt. Owner: Gemma Phelan. Rider: Gemma Phelan

Glenfield Harrington (ISH) – 2018 Mare by Clarimo out of Mullentine Good Friday by Untoucjable 27. Owner: Alan Robertson. Rider: Tony O’Donohue

Chaque Vie VT Willbeke z (ZANG) – 2018 Mare by Chacoon Blue out of Vigas Diamant VT willbeke z by Vigo D’arsouilles. Breeder: Claire Parez. Owner: Darragh Ryan. Rider: Darragh Ryan

Agana Van’t Vossenhof z (ZANG) – 2018 Mare by Aganix du Seigneur Z out of Carthalanda SR Z by Carthago z. Breeder: Van’t Vossenhof BVBA. Owner: David Hedley Rider: Jamie Landers

GCS Jasmine (ISH) – 2018 Mare by Cardento out of MHS Revolver by Plot Blue. Breeder: Olivia Brennan. Owner: Eugene Ryan. Rider: Bríd Ryan

Lisleagh Be Lucky (ISH) – 2018 Gelding by Good Luck VDL out of Meranimo by Mermus R. Breeder: Diana H Warrington. Owner: Eamonn Walsh. Rider: Tholm Keane

Little Bit Foxrock (ISH) – 2018 Gelding by Risohorse Locorotondo out of Ballinamona Park Honey by Iroko. Breeder: Vahe Bogossian. Owner: Julie O’Sullivan Gallagher. Rider: Paddy O’Donnell

Sandro Van De Berghoeve (BW) – 2018 Stallion by Hunters’ Scendro out of Mademoiselle de Muze by Elvis Ter Putte. Breeder: Paul van den Bosch. Owner: Michael Pender. Rider: Max Foley

Rossmount Quincy (ISH) – 2018 Mare by Cinsey out of Rossmount OBS Clover by O.B.O.S Quality. Breeder: Michael Griffin. Owner: Blanche Starling. Rider: Gemma Phelan

KMS Ali (ISH) – 2018 Gelding by Tyson out of Windine by Heartbreaker. Breeder: Ivor Broderick. Owner:       Aoife Mc Cabe. Rider: Aoife Mc Cabe

MCG Emerald (ISH) – 2018 Gelding by Emerald Van’t Ruytershof out of Lachain Kandy by Kannan. Breeder: Lucy Buchanan. Owner: Richard Bourns. Rider: Joanne Blair

Spink Piloth (ISH) – 2018 Gelding by O-Piloth out of Spink Princess by Shenandoah Prince Holly. Breeder: Eamonn Brophy. Owner: Patrick Murphy. Rider: Patrick Murphy

HHS Venice (ISH) – 2018 Mare by Emerald Van’t Ruytershof out of HHS Fairy Fort by Heritage Fortunus. Breeder: Bravo Hughes LTD. Owner: Bravo Hughes Ltd. Rider: Molly Hughes Bravo

Bp Gifted (ISH) – 2018 Gelding by Luidam out of Halewijne by Darco. Breeder: GBBS INT LTD. Owner: Keith Ennis Rider: Elaine O’Neill

D Cullen Dominator Z (ZANG) – 2018 Mare by Dominator 2000 Z out of Cullen Aphla by Courage II. Breeder: Jackie Lee. Owner: Catriona Redmond. Rider: Catriona Redmond

Mhs Jolene (ISH) – 2018 Mare by Vigo D’Arsouilles out of Mhs Baby Blue by Mr Blue. Breeder: Michael Brennan. Owner: Michael Brennan. Rider: Linda Moloney

Loughnatousa Flamenco (ISH) – 2018 Gelding by Je T’aime Flamenco out of Huntingdale by Cruising. Breeder: Vincent Burton. Owner: Tim Beecher. Rider: Tadhg Beecher

Kylemore Cool Hero (ISH) – 2018 Gelding by Diamant De Semilly out of MHS Kylemore by Cardento. Breeder: Michael Ormond. Owner: Michael Ormond. Rider: Linda Moloney


Loughnatousa Buachail (ISH) – 2017 Gelding by Sligo Candy Boy out of Sammy Jee by Samgemjee. Breeder: Noel Cawley. Owner: Tim Beecher. Rider Paul Beecher.

Cornascriebe Emerald (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Emerald our Cornascriebevella by Ballinvella. Breeder: Carol M Armstrong. Owner: Seamus Drea. Rider: Eddie Moloney.

Brogagh Darcy (ISH) – 2017 mare by Dakar VDL out of Brocka Cruising Lucy by Warrenstown WE 3. Owner: Brogagh Darcy. Rider: Paul Beecher.

HHS Mercedes (ISH) – 2017 Mare by Can Ya Makan out of Chester Lass by Couletto. Beeder: Bravo Hughes Ltd. Owner: Bravo Hughes Ltd. Rider: Molly Bravo Hughes.

I Herbies Luidam (WSI) – 2017 Gelding by Luidam out of Cladda Katie by Ukato. Breeder: Alan Robertson. Owner: Alan Robertson. Rider: Tony O’Donohue

Coolcorron Lone Ranger (ISH) – 2017 Stallion by Tyson out of Jokers Bell C. Breeder: Robert J Splaine. Owner: Robert Splaine. Rider: Robert Splaine

ESI Nixon (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Dakar VDL out of Esi Sofia by Simba. Breeder: Ennisnag Stud. Owner: Gemma Phelan. Rider: Gemma Phelan.

Billerough Tyson (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Tyson out of Ringwood Poppet by Ringwood Harley Carol. Breeder: Michael Keane. Owner: Michael Keane. Rider: Bill Maguire.

HHS Ice Flo (ISH) – 2017 mare by Iceman de Muze out of HHS Go With The Flo by Cyrano. Breeder: Kevin Meagher. Owner: Bravo Hughes Ltd. Rider: Molly Hughes Bravo.

AHG Whiterock Cornetcruise (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Cornet Obolensy out of CSF Whiterock Cruise by Cruising. Breeder: Anne Gannon Clancy. Owner: Anne Gannon Clancy. Rider: Francis Connors.