National Breeding Schemes funded by the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine are announced for 2024

The 2024 National Breeding Schemes, funded by the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine, have been launched. We are advised that all schemes operate on a first come first served basis up to the maximum allocation, and as a result, The Irish Horse Board would advise all breeders to apply online to the schemes administrator, Horse Sport Ireland, as soon as possible.

Schemes include:

  • Reproductive Health Screening Scheme
  • Premium Mare Retention Scheme
  • Mare X-Ray Screening Scheme
  • Embryo Transfer Scheme
  • Starting Scheme
  • Schooling Scheme I & II
  • Environmental Testing Scheme 2024

Summary Scheme Criteria:
• Horses/ponies must be studbook registered with a breed recorded to avail of any scheme funding.
• Schemes emphasise the importance for good breeding decisions, and that is borne in several ways, such as studbook registration and sire criteria.
• Own performance or dam line performance criteria apply to certain schemes.
• All equines must be registered in the correct ownership for scheme funding.
• Breeders and producers can also use the production schemes offered to add to dam line performance, adding value to the individual mare and her future progeny.

CLICK HERE for the scheme list and applications.